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Participate in a Kubernetes User Experience Study

We need your help in shaping the future of Kubernetes and Google Container Engine, and we'd love to have you participate in a remote UX research study to help us learn about your experiences!  If you're interested in participating, we invite you to take this brief survey to see if you qualify. If you’re selected to participate, we’ll follow up with you directly.

  • Length: 60 minute interview
  • Date: April 7th-15th
  • Location: Remote
  • Your gift: $100 Perks gift code*
  • Study format: Interview with our researcher

Interested in participating? Take this brief survey.

* Perks gift codes can be redeemed for gift certificates from VISA and used at a number of online retailers ( Gift codes are only for participants who successfully complete the study session. You’ll be emailed the gift code after you complete the study session.