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Kubernetes Community Meeting Notes - 20160218

February 18th - kmachine demo, clusterops SIG formed, new website preview, 1.2 update and planning 1.3

The Kubernetes contributing community meets most Thursdays at 10:00PT to discuss the project's status via videoconference. Here are the notes from the latest meeting.

  • Note taker: Rob Hirschfeld
  • Demo (10 min): kmachine [Sebastien Goasguen]
    • started :01 intro video
    • looking to create mirror of Docker tools for Kubernetes (similar to machine, compose, etc)
    • kmachine (forked from Docker Machine, so has the same endpoints)
  • Use Case (10 min): started at :15
  • SIG Report starter
    • Cluster Ops launch meeting Friday (doc). [Rob Hirschfeld]
  • Time Zone Discussion [:22]
    • This timezone does not work for Asia.
    • Considering rotation - once per month
    • Likely 5 or 6 PT
    • Rob suggested moving the regular meeting up a little
  • website preview [John Mulhausen] [:27]
    • using github for docs. you can fork and do a pull request against the site
    • will be its own kubernetes organization BUT not in the code repo
    • Google will offer a "doc bounty" where you can get GCP credits for working on docs
    • Uses Jekyll to generate the site (e.g. the ToC)
    • Principle will be to 100% GitHub Pages; no script trickery or plugins, just fork/clone, edit, and push
    • Hope to launch at Kubecon EU
    • Home Page Only Preview:
  • 1.2 Release Watch [T.J. Goltermann] [:38]
  • 1.3 Planning update [T.J. Goltermann]
  • GSoC participation -- deadline 2/19 [Sarah Novotny]
  • March 10th meeting? [Sarah Novotny]

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