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Weekly Kubernetes Community Hangout Notes - May 22 2015

Every week the Kubernetes contributing community meet virtually over Google Hangouts. We want anyone who's interested to know what's discussed in this forum.

Discussion / Topics

  • Code Freeze
  • Upgrades of cluster
  • E2E test issues

Code Freeze process starts EOD 22-May, including

  • Code Slush -- draining PRs that are active. If there are issues for v1 to raise, please do so today.
  • Community PRs -- plan is to reopen in ~6 weeks.
  • Key areas for fixes in v1 -- docs, the experience.

E2E issues and LGTM process

  • Seen end-to-end tests go red.

  • Plan is to limit merging to on-call. Quinton to communicate.

  • Can we expose Jenkins runs to community? (Paul)

    • Question/concern to work out is securing Jenkins. Short term conclusion: Will look at pushing Jenkins logs into GCS bucket. Lavalamp will follow up with Jeff Grafton.

    • Longer term solution may be a merge queue, where e2e runs for each merge (as opposed to multiple merges). This exists in OpenShift today.

Cluster Upgrades for Kubernetes as final v1 feature

  • GCE will use Persistent Disk (PD) to mount new image.

  • OpenShift will follow a tradition update model, with "yum update".

  • A strawman approach is to have an analog of "kube-push" to update the master, in-place. Feedback in the meeting was

    • Upgrading Docker daemon on the master will kill the master's pods. Agreed. May consider an 'upgrade' phase or explicit step.

    • How is this different than HA master upgrade? See HA case as a superset. The work to do an upgrade would be a prerequisite for HA master upgrade.

  • Mesos scheduler implements a rolling node upgrade.

Attention requested for v1 in the Hangout

    • Discussed that it's an eventually consistent design.*

      • In the meeting, the outcome was: seeking a pattern for atomicity of update across multiple piece. Paul to ping Tim when ready to review.
  • Regression in e2e #8499 (Eric Paris)

  • Asking for review of direction, if not review. #8334 (Mark)

  • Handling graceful termination (e.g. sigterm to postgres) is not implemented. #2789 (Clayton)

    • Need is to bump up grace period or finish plumbing. In API, client tools, missing is kubelet does use and we don't set the timeout (>0) value.

    • Brendan will look into this graceful term issue.

  • Load balancer almost ready by JustinSB.