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Official CVE Feed

FEATURE STATE: Kubernetes v1.27 [beta]

This is a community maintained list of official CVEs announced by the Kubernetes Security Response Committee. See Kubernetes Security and Disclosure Information for more details.

The Kubernetes project publishes a programmatically accessible feed of published security issues in JSON feed and RSS feed formats. You can access it by executing the following commands:

Link to JSON format

curl -Lv

Link to RSS format

curl -Lv
Official Kubernetes CVE List (last updated: 23 Jun 2024 14:42:11 UTC)
CVE ID Issue Summary CVE GitHub Issue URL
CVE-2024-3744 azure-file-csi-driver discloses service account tokens in logs #124759
CVE-2024-3177 Bypassing mountable secrets policy imposed by the ServiceAccount admission plugin #124336
CVE-2023-5528 Insufficient input sanitization in in-tree storage plugin leads to privilege escalation on Windows nodes #121879
CVE-2023-3955 Insufficient input sanitization on Windows nodes leads to privilege escalation #119595
CVE-2023-3893 Insufficient input sanitization on kubernetes-csi-proxy leads to privilege escalation #119594
CVE-2023-3676 Insufficient input sanitization on Windows nodes leads to privilege escalation #119339
CVE-2023-2431 Bypass of seccomp profile enforcement #118690
CVE-2023-2727, CVE-2023-2728 Bypassing policies imposed by the ImagePolicyWebhook and bypassing mountable secrets policy imposed by the ServiceAccount admission plugin #118640
CVE-2023-2878 secrets-store-csi-driver discloses service account tokens in logs #118419
CVE-2022-3294 Node address isn't always verified when proxying #113757
CVE-2022-3162 Unauthorized read of Custom Resources #113756
CVE-2022-3172 Aggregated API server can cause clients to be redirected (SSRF) #112513
CVE-2021-25749 `runAsNonRoot` logic bypass for Windows containers #112192
CVE-2021-25741 Symlink Exchange Can Allow Host Filesystem Access #104980
CVE-2021-25737 Holes in EndpointSlice Validation Enable Host Network Hijack #102106
CVE-2021-3121 Processes may panic upon receipt of malicious protobuf messages #101435
CVE-2021-25735 Validating Admission Webhook does not observe some previous fields #100096
CVE-2020-8554 Man in the middle using LoadBalancer or ExternalIPs #97076
CVE-2020-8566 Ceph RBD adminSecrets exposed in logs when loglevel >= 4 #95624
CVE-2020-8565 Incomplete fix for CVE-2019-11250 allows for token leak in logs when logLevel >= 9 #95623
CVE-2020-8564 Docker config secrets leaked when file is malformed and log level >= 4 #95622
CVE-2020-8563 Secret leaks in kube-controller-manager when using vSphere provider #95621
CVE-2020-8557 Node disk DOS by writing to container /etc/hosts #93032
CVE-2020-8559 Privilege escalation from compromised node to cluster #92914
CVE-2020-8558 Node setting allows for neighboring hosts to bypass localhost boundary #92315
CVE-2020-8555 Half-Blind SSRF in kube-controller-manager #91542
CVE-2020-10749 IPv4 only clusters susceptible to MitM attacks via IPv6 rogue router advertisements #91507
CVE-2019-11254 kube-apiserver Denial of Service vulnerability from malicious YAML payloads #89535
CVE-2020-8552 apiserver DoS (oom) #89378
CVE-2020-8551 Kubelet DoS via API #89377
CVE-2019-11251 kubectl cp symlink vulnerability #87773
CVE-2018-1002102 Unvalidated redirect #85867
CVE-2019-11255 CSI volume snapshot, cloning and resizing features can result in unauthorized volume data access or mutation #85233
CVE-2019-11253 Kubernetes API Server JSON/YAML parsing vulnerable to resource exhaustion attack #83253
CVE-2019-11250 Bearer tokens are revealed in logs #81114
CVE-2019-11248 /debug/pprof exposed on kubelet's healthz port #81023
CVE-2019-11249 Incomplete fixes for CVE-2019-1002101 and CVE-2019-11246, kubectl cp potential directory traversal #80984
CVE-2019-11247 API server allows access to custom resources via wrong scope #80983
CVE-2019-11245 container uid changes to root after first restart or if image is already pulled to the node #78308
CVE-2019-11243 rest.AnonymousClientConfig() does not remove the serviceaccount credentials from config created by rest.InClusterConfig() #76797
CVE-2019-11244 `kubectl:-http-cache=<world-accessible dir>` creates world-writeable cached schema files #76676
CVE-2019-1002100 json-patch requests can exhaust apiserver resources #74534
CVE-2018-1002105 proxy request handling in kube-apiserver can leave vulnerable TCP connections #71411
CVE-2018-1002101 smb mount security issue #65750
CVE-2018-1002100 Kubectl copy doesn't check for paths outside of it's destination directory. #61297
CVE-2017-1002102 atomic writer volume handling allows arbitrary file deletion in host filesystem #60814
CVE-2017-1002101 subpath volume mount handling allows arbitrary file access in host filesystem #60813
CVE-2017-1002100 Azure PV should be Private scope not Container scope #47611
CVE-2017-1000056 PodSecurityPolicy admission plugin authorizes incorrectly #43459

This feed is auto-refreshing with a noticeable but small lag (minutes to hours) from the time a CVE is announced to the time it is accessible in this feed.

The source of truth of this feed is a set of GitHub Issues, filtered by a controlled and restricted label official-cve-feed. The raw data is stored in a Google Cloud Bucket which is writable only by a small number of trusted members of the Community.

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