Kamu sedang menampilkan dokumentasi untuk Kubernetes versi: v1.27

Kubernetes v1.27 dokumentasi sudah tidak dirawat lagi. Versi yang kamu lihat ini hanyalah snapshot statis. Untuk dokumentasi terkini, lihat versi terbaru.


"Kubernetes is a great platform for machine learning because it comes with all the scheduling and scalability that you need. "

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Booz Allen Hamilton

"Kubernetes is a great solution for us. It allows us to rapidly iterate on our clients' demands. "

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"We realized that we needed to learn Kubernetes better in order to fully use the potential of it. At that point, we made the shift to build our own Kubernetes platform. "

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"We made the right decisions at the right time. Kubernetes and the cloud native technologies are now seen as the de facto ecosystem. "

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